Comec VPT160 tester tank

Comec ACF200 CNC

The Comec VPT160 is a tester tank allowing to easily and precisely detect any failure and wear on cylinder heads and blocks through their immersion in hot water. The tank, complete with its cover, is manufactured in stainless steel and perfectly insulated to avoid heat dispersion. It is filled with water that is heated by two powerful independent heating elements controlled by an automatic timer, which includes heating programmes to reduce electric consumptions. This brand new model enables the operator to work heads of up to 1340mm of width.

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Comec RP1400 CNC resurfacing machine

Comec RP1400 CNC

The RP1400 CNC is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks of cars and trucks, as well as for all flat surfaces requiring maximum accuracy of the contact surfaces. The construction technology combines highly innovative solutions, such as the brushless motor for the automatic and precise positioning of the milling cutter plate – that is controlled by the CNC – with tested technologies, like the linear guides and recirculating-ball feed screws. The axes and the rotation speed of the milling cutter are controlled by an inverter. It is possible to monitor the feed speed. The control panel is an industrial touch screen, equipped with a simple and intuitive programme. The RP1400 CNC can be supplied with a milling cutter plate with tool-holder of CBN-PCD with a diameter of 405mm to resurface cast iron or aluminum surfaces. For heads with pre-chambers, you can use a special tool to ensure a perfect finishing. The RP1400 CNC is defined as the “Smart Resurfacer”, thanks to its laser sensor that scans the cylinder-head surfaces, thus recording their profile and automating milling operations.

Download the Comec RP1400-CNC brochure

Standard equipment

  • Flat cylinder head support parallels
  • Adjustable support parallels for wedge-shaped cylinder heads
  • Fixing crossbeams of Plexiglas plate with plates
  • L=380 mm fixing tension rod with nuts and washers
  • 500x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 800x250x30 mm Plexiglas plate
  • 500x500x8 mm Rubber sheet
  • 500x500x3 mm Rubber sheet
  • Side-locking plate with quick-release coupling
  • Standard equipment instruction manual





Comec acf200 cnc

Standard equipment

  • Table and head feed with recirculating-ball screw
  • Ø 405 mm milling plate with CBN insert
  • Touch screen CNC control panel
  • Laser sensor for scanning workpiece
  • Surface profile graph
  • Fully automatic cycle
  • Database with preloaded working cycles and possibility to customise them
  • Estimated cycle time
  • Safety guard with sliding doors
  • PV0160 Pair of parallel supports
  • PV0021 Large clamps (2 pcs.)
  • PV0022 Small clamps (4 pcs.)
  • Lubricant for slides
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual
Comec RP1400 CNC

Comec VPT160 Specifications

Maximum cylinder head capacity 1350x410x410 mm
Tank capacity 590 l
Maximum cradle travel 600 mm
Heating elements 2 x 4,5 kW
Adjustable work temperature 30 – 90° C
Cradle rotation speed 4 rpm
Cradle up-down speed 60 mm/sec
Hydraulic station motor 0,75 kW
Cradle gearmotor 0,25 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1950x1100x1800 mm
Weight 610 Kg

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Comec acf200 cnc
Comec RP1400 CNC

Accessories and spare parts

Accessories and spare parts

Comec RP1400 CNC

500 x 250 x 30 mm Plexiglass plate

Comec RP1400 CNC

800 x 250 x 30 mm Plexiglass plate

Comec RP1400 CNC

Adjustable universal fixture wit parallels

Comec RP1400 CNC

PV0007 Pair of parallel supports  H=49mm

Comec RP1400 CNC

500 x 500 x 8 mm Rubber sheet

Comec RP1400 CNC

500 x 500 x 3 mm Rubber sheet

Comec RP1400 CNC
Adjustable universal fixture with mounting plate
Comec RP1400 CNC
PV0160 Pair of parallel supports
Comec RP1400 CNC

Plexiglass fastening set

Comec RP1400 CNC

Cylinderhead holding flat parallels

Comec RP1400 CNC
3/8” CBN/PCD insert tool holder
1/2”CBN/PCD insert tool holder
Comec RP1400 CNC
1/2” CBN Insert for cast iron


1/2” PCD Insert for aluminium
3/8” CBN Insert for cast iron
3/8” PCD Insert for aluminium
Comec RP1400 CNC

Adjustable parallels

Comec RP1400 CNC


ALP insert tool holder for UT1392
Comec RP1400 CNC


ALP insert for aluminum with prechambers
Comec RP1400 CNC
Comec RP1400 CNC
Comec RP1400 CNC
Comec RP1400 CNC

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