Honingtec BVD-450I Vertical Honing Machine

The BVD 450 I has a std. honing length of 2.000 mm. and diameter range of 63 – 450 mm. This honing machine is specially designed to hone cylinder liners for large marine engines, but also hydraulic cylinders and other honing jobs within its range are possible.

The complete honing process is PLC controlled, this means after setting all parameters like Rpm, strokespeed, stone pressure and honingtime, it is very easy to repeat this cycle in “Auto Mode” and have the same results after each honing cycle.
This automatic cycle combined with constant-stonepressure system, will bring down your honing time to the level of fast service and money making.
Also during the honing cycle the operator can prepare, measure and inspect the next liner, his attention is not needed for the honing process.

Machine Features:
– PLC control with Touch-Screen
– all settings like Rpm, strokespeed and stone pressure can be changed during honing
– easy setting up and clamping for cylinder liners and hydraulic cylinders
– universal T-slot table ( option)
– pneumatic fast lock & release for honing bar
– safety catch for honing bar, will shut down machine
– blind hole stop/delay program
– build conform CE safety regulations

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Honingtec BVD-450I
Vertical Honing Machine

Maximum stroke: 2.000 mm
Diameter range: 63 – 450 mm
Maximum diameter outside cylinder: 700 mm *
Axial speed: 4 – 22 m/min.
Rotation speed: 14 – 84 r.p.m.
Optional diameter range: 38 – 320 mm *
Optional rotation speed: 30 – 180 r.p.m. *
Stroke hydraulic power: 2,2 Kw
Rotation power: 1,1 Kw
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Voltage: 400 V / 3~PH / 50 Hz
Total power: 5 Kw
Honing oil pump: 0,18 Kw
Honing oil capacity: 200 L
Minimum pneumatic pressure: 6 Kg/m²

Dimensions to work: 2.000 × 2.000 × 4.900 mm
Packaging dimensions: 2.500 × 1.300 × 1.200 mm
Net weight (without oil): 820 Kg