Esacta PMD Surfacing machine

Used surfacing machine.
• With a 330 mm working diameter this machine can handle almost anything
• Easy to change from grinding to fly-cutting
• Automatic feed in both directions
• Self-adjusting screw in main column
• Fully protected column against dust
• Sturdy constructed steel base with storage cabinet

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Esacta PMD Sufacing machine

Surface of the table: 680 x 300 mm
Distance from center of grinding wheel to center of column: 320 mm
Grinding wheel diameter: 330 mm
Min. and max. distance from grinding wheel to table: 145-375 mm
Vertical travel of grinding wheel: 230 mm
Grinding wheel speed: 700 – 1400 RPM
Automatic cross feed in both directions: yes
Grinding wheel motor: 1-2 hp
Feed motor hp 0,25 hp